1st Upper Rissington Wolf Cubs

 A successful Wolf Cub BEAMS: 

Be Prepared - A healthy, active & alert mind

Enjoy Life - A happy approach to everything you do

Achieve More - An opportunity to expand personal goals

Make a Difference - A chance to help & support others

Stay Safe - An understanding of the world in which we live

 The Wolf Cubs programme is developed so that in the two years as being part of the Pack the Wolf Cub will achieve his/her 1st and 2nd Stars which will see him/her learn about the Country Code, their countries flag, the Saints – even how to cook breakfast and polish a pair of school shoes. There are many badges to achieve in Wolf Cubs. Some will be planned into the meetings activities and some can be done at home or may well be achieved if they have other interests.

As a Wolf Cub progresses through their 3-4 years in the section, they start to experience camping under canvas & take part in activities & events that give them a taste of what scouting will be like when they finally move up. 

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