1st Upper Rissington Beavers 

The Beaver group is our entry into the scouting world for both boys and girls from the age of five.

A Beaver is 'Busy and Bright' and this is reflected in our rolling program and weekly meets.

 The Beaver takes the first steps in scouting following the Friends of the Forest story, where a Beaver set meets a friendly family and they make good friends with the humans.

 To reflect this every weekly session is started by the Beavers own special opening ceremony called 'River Banks', our intrepid Beavers crouch down making the banks of a river and holding their hands up to represent the Beaver claws, a smart clap of the hands behind their backs denotes the tail slap of the Beaver.

 Our sessions last for an hour, where they will undertake various fun activities, from making models out of recycling materials through various sports activities to learning personal skills and scouting skills such as camping cooking how to use a knife safely and learning about Baden Powell and the history of the scouting movement.

 There are various badges that can be earned as a reward for the hard work they put in, these are then sewn onto their uniform to show off to others and as a reminder to the Beavers of what they have achieved.

Ahmeek (the Beaver Master) will take great care to ensure they have a balanced programme of outdoor activities which includes learning camp fire songs as well as playing team games with their friends. All of this is aimed at developing their confidence in a social and safe environment.

Beavers learn about their local community, their county and country and the wider world by visiting local public services and places of interest. All of this goes towards ensuring our Beavers achieve their four footprint badges for Learning, Developing, Exploring and Discovering before aiming to achieve their Dam Builder badge. Beavers can also earn a Project Award, Hobby Award and Friendship Badge (just to name a few).

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